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Devoting our time, talents and expertise to the protection of seniors and the disabled, the team of Ross & Shoalmire, LLP bring unparalleled service to families from Dallas, Texas to Little Rock, Arkansas. Serving over 40 separate counties, we provide local assistance when and where you need it.


Estate Planning

About Estate Planning.

Ross & Shoalmire’s sophisticated estate and family wealth planning practice focuses on maximum conservation and protection of our clients’ estates and related assets – with minimum tax and other adverse consequences.

We handle the administration of trusts, estates and other related family entities, the drafting of wills and estate plans, and the creation of succession plans for privately owned businesses.

In all such transactions, our expertise includes sophisticated structuring of alternatives involving taxes, generation-skipping issues and redirection of legal liability risks.

Estate Planning

Main Features.

  • Trusts
  • Estates
  • Family entities
  • Drafting of wills and estate plans
  • Creation of succession plans

Medicaid Planning

About Medicaid Planning.

Medicaid pays almost the entire cost of nursing home care for those who qualify.

Regulations pertaining to the eligibility are complex and confusing and many people do not know what to do.

They think that they must spend down their assets or purchase an annuity.

These actions are often unnecessary.

For couples with only one spouse in a nursing home, there are significant financial protections for the spouse who remains at home…

Main Features

  • Qualification
  • Income Rules
  • Countable Assets
  • Protected Resources
  • Estate Recovery

Power Of Attorney

About Power Of Attorney.

A durable power of attorney (POA) is one of the most important and powerful legal documents that everyone should have as part of their estate plan.

If you should become mentally incapacitated or physically disabled, it allows you to appoint someone to take control of your financial affairs that you usually take care of yourself, and eliminates the necessity of a guardianship or conservatorship.

This document allows your attorney-in-fact (your agent) to handle your affairs without the necessity of formal guardianship proceedings, thereby saving expenses and emotional energy, and retaining privacy.

Main Features

  • General Durable Power of Attorney
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • HIPAA Release
  • Living Will
  • 24/7 Access

Probate Law

About Probate Law.

Probate does not have to be a scary, time consuming or expensive process.

Since our firm focuses entirely on Estate Planning and Elder law, we can help you navigate the probate process with little headache or maybe avoid it altogether.

During that process, we can often find ways to protect assets and save the estate money by utilizing our knowledge of probate law to your benefit.

Main Features

  • What is Probate
  • Executor v. Administrator
  • Inventories
  • Claims
  • Will contests


About Guardianship.

At Ross & Shoalmire, we assist families and corporate guardians throughout the guardianship process.

Whether you need to be appointed as guardian to properly care for a loved on or you need assistance with the preparation of annual accountings or the creation of guardianship management trusts, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to guide you through every step of the process.

Main Features

  • Adult Guardianship
  • Incapacity
  • Serving As The Guardian
  • Alternatives to Guardianship
  • How YOU Can Help

Veteran's Benefits

About Veteran's Benefits.

The most commonly overlooked VA benefit is called the “Aid and Attendance” benefit.

Of the people who have heard of this benefit, many have been incorrectly told that they do not qualify.

The reality is, this benefit is available to many veterans and their spouses and can prove to be a lifesaver when times get tough.

In order to qualify for the VA Aid and Attendance benefit, the veteran must have served at least ninety (90) days of active duty. Of those ninety days, at least one of the days must have been during a designated period of war.

This does not mean that the veteran had to have serve in combat.

It is merely a requirement that the veteran’s service occurred during one of the periods of time where the United States had declared war.

Main Features

  • Aid And Attendance Benefit
  • The Wartime Veteran's Spouse
  • Monthly Income And Net Worth Requirements
  • What's the Fuss?
  • The Difference Between Life And Death

Special Needs Trusts

About Special Needs Trusts.

If someone with special needs depends on you to care for them, you must plan for the day when you cannot be their caregiver.

A Special Needs Trust can hold assets for the benefit of the disabled individual.

Main Features

  • Planning
  • What is a trust?
  • Two Types of Special Needs Trust
  • Setting Up a Trust
  • Funding the Trust

Who We Are

John K. Ross and Lisa Shoalmire formed the Ross & Shoalmire Law Firm ten years ago with two laptop computers, a small table and a singular goal to be the best resource in the community for estate planning, elder law and asset protection. From that beginning, Ross & Shoalmire, now covers over 40 counties in Texas and Arkansas and John and Lisa are nationally known as leaders in the field and host the Aging Insight radio and television programs. But the goal remains the same. We want to help you and your family achieve the highest quality of life and protect your legacy.




Our Expert Attorneys.


In my older years—I couldn’t have gotten everything done without the help of Ross & Shoalmire… Lisa has been more than helpful and I’m not fibbing when I say how grateful I am that I turned to Ross & Shoalmire for help

We had a very difficult case…we didn’t know what to do and a non-elder law attorney in town referred us to Ross & Shoalmire. They walked us through things step by step during the entire process. Had it not been for Lisa and her assistant we would have never gotten my mom qualified for Medicaid. Their services are well worth the cost and I will be coming back to get my own estate planning handled so that my kids will never have to worry with things like this as I have had too.

If it hadn’t been for Ross & Shoalmire, I just don’t think I could have made it. There is a huge difference from an elder law attorney and just any ‘ole attorney…you must understand the difference. You are in the BEST of hands when working with Ross & Shoalmire!