Month: February 2017

The 1 Unparalleled Tool No Will Should Exclude

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In this article, we are discussing an issue that affects older people and younger people, particularly if those younger people have some special needs.   And a lot of times people think about this being a disabled or handicapped individual but that’s not necessarily the case, is it?   A large percentage of the population… continue reading »

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Don’t Get Burned by a Rushed Trust: 3 Tips to Beat the Retirement Red Zone

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1.) Know the 5-Year Retirement Redzone   Planning your taxes, finances, and legalities carefully is crucial when nearing retirement.   Some small mistakes (made by yourself or by insurance companies) can cost you up to $10,000 in missed opportunity.   You should be planning your trusts no later than 5 years before your retirement to… continue reading »

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VA’s Aid and Attendance Benefit

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Benefits available through the Veterans Administration are the most commonly overlooked available to seniors.   Veterans often make incorrect assumptions related to their entitlement to VA benefits. They assume that since they did not retire from the military they are not entitled to any benefits from the VA. They assume that since they were not injured… continue reading »

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